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Giving Like Magi   Matthew 2:1-12, by Rev. Randy  Quinn
Strange Sightings in the Sky, Mt 2:1-12, Frank Schaefer
Wise Men Still Seek Him, by HW in HI, Mat. 2:1-12
The magi by Tom Hall, Matthew 2:1-11

More than Meets the Eye, Luke 20:27-40 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Martha and Mary
Risky hospitality by T. Hall, Luke 10:25-37
Mary and Martha, Luke 10:38-42 by Rev. H. McCance
Focus on Christ, Luke 10:38-42 by Rev. Frank Schaefer

Commitment by F. Schaefer, Acts 7:55-60

Song From the Underside, Luke 1:47-55, by Rev. Cindy Weber
I'm the Mother of God!  Luke 1:26-38, by Rev. Frank Schaefer 
When righteousness and compassion meet by T. Hall, Matthew 1:18-25
Fifteen and Willing to Serve, by John Nadasi, Luke 1:26-38
God Will Make A Way, Luke 1:39-55 by Rev. Thomas Hall
Called By God and Nowhere To Go!  Luke 1:26-38, by Rev. Frank Schaefer

Maundy Thursday  (see Holy Thursday)

Memorial Day
Remember And Join in Healing The World, Kay Vorhees, 2 Sam. 1:1-4, 11-12, 17-27

Memorial Service
Service of Remembrance (with homily)  Isaiah 55:6-11, by F. Schaefer

Coachable Moments, 2 Kings 2:1-14 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Mind of Christ / God
Blow Your Mind, by Troy Brewer, 1 Cor3:14-16, Samuel 21:12-15
God's Love is Broader Than Our Mind, by Susan in SanPedro, Genesis 22:1-14, Mark 8:31-38
Understanding God's View of Justice, by Carolyn Bingham, John 2:13-22
Home-Coming Luke 4:14-21 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Don't Sing No Jail-House Blues, Acts 16:16-34 by Rev. Thomas Hall
License to Heal, by F.S., Mt. 9:35-10:8
Allow God to Make You Whole, by PK, Mt. 9:9-13, 18-26
Just Do It, a sermon based on 2 Kings 5:1-14 by Dr. Robert Jacks

Mission (see evangelism/outreach)

On An Upside-Down Mission, Mark 9:30-37 by Rev. Frank Schaefer

How much is enough? by T. Hall, Luke 12:13-21

Trip or trap? by T. Hall, Luke 16:19-31
What a Swindler can teach Saints Luke 16:1-13 by Rev. Randy Quinn

Mother's Day
Prayer: by Susanna Wesley
Skit: Today I didn't Do It
Anecdotes and Poems by DPSers

Mother's Day Sermons:
What Momma Taught Me About God, John 14:15-21
Shhh . ., John 14:15-21
A Motherly Shepherd, John 10: 11-18
Love in Action, John 10:11-18

Mystery of God
Holy Celebration or Holy Confusion? by T. Hall,
2 Cor 13:11-13

Neighbor (love of )
Meeting Christ's least brothers and sisters by F. Schaefer, Matthew 25:31-46
Life of the party by T. Hall, Luke 14:25-33
Defining neighbor by T. Hall, Luke   10:25-37

New Things/ New Beginnings
"What's new?", by Jim Hill, Mark 2: 13-22
A Day of New Beginnings, Genesis 1:1-5 (& Mark 1:4-11), by Rev. Randy Quinn
Continue to Flex and Grow, by John Nadasi, Mark 2: 13-22

New Year
A History of New Year's Day, an informative article
Time to Take Out the Trash, by RevBill in GA, Phil. 2:1-11
A Day of New Beginnings, Genesis 1:1-5 (& Mark 1:4-11), by Rev. Randy Quinn
Judgment Day’s a Comin’  Mathew 25:31-46, by Rev. Thomas Hall
Meeting Christ's least brothers and sisters Mat 25:31-46, Rev. Frank Schaefer
When Vision Is Inadequate, Revelation 21:1-6, by Rev. Jon Tsubi
The Meaning of Life, Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, Matthew 5:1-6, Rev. F. Schaefer
Another New Year, Eccl 1: 1-11, Luke 2:41-50, by Rev. Frank Schaefer

At the name of Jesus, by DGBradley, various
Talk, and Walk the Talk, by Dave Peterson, Mt. 21:28-32
Don't fence me out by T. Hall, Acts 10:34-43
Two Sons, One Father, Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32 by Rev. Randy L. Quinn
Just Do It, a sermon based on 2 Kings 5:1-14 by Dr. Robert Jacks

Open Mind
Trouble back at headquarters by T. Hall, Acts 11: 1-18
Jesus and hospitality by T. Hall, Luke 7:36-8:3
Home-Coming Luke 4:14-21 by Rev. Thomas Hall
Jesus Neighborhood: Da Odder Guys, Luke 4:21-30 by Rev. Thomas Hall
Unfinished Business, Acts 1:15-17; 21-26 by Rev. Thomas Hall
Are You Open to God?, Mark 9:30-37, Pastor Debbie

Making Lemonade, Mark 6:1-13,  by SueCan
Choosing The Right Path, Psalm 1, by John C. Bogle

Outreach (see evangelism)

Overcoming Hardships
You can Be an Overcomer, James 1:2-4, by Rev. Frank Schaefer