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Understanding Baptism, Mark 1:4-11 Rev. Karen A. Goltz
A Day of New Beginnings, Genesis 1:1-5 (& Mark 1:4-11), by Rev. Randy Quinn
What God Has Done in Baptism, Luke 3:15-17, 21-22; , Rev. Karen A. Goltz
Godís Precious People, Isaiah 43:1-7, Rev. Randy Quinn
Remember your Baptism Acts 8:14-17, by Rev. Randy Quinn  
Health Food and Camels' Hair, Luke 3:1-17, By Dr. David Rogne 
Baptism And Christian Identity, Luke 3:22-23, Rom 6:1-4, Rev. Frank Schaefer
Fulfilling Righteousness, Matthew 3:13-17, Randy Quinn
"With Jesus I can Make It" Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 by Rev. Ralph Miller
Remember Your Baptism, Matthew 3:13-17, Rev. Thomas Hall        
Act Three,  Matthew 3:13-17 by Dr. David Rogne
Baptized to Serve, Matthew 3:13-17, by Rev. Rick Thompson
Baptism, Matthew 3:13-17, Thomas Hall
Just dropping in, by Gary in New Bern, Mark 2:1-12  
Those Baptized Go Against the Flow, by Kay, Mat 3:13-17
The Living Water of Baptism,   by HW in HI, Mat 3:13-17
Born again by Rev. Tom Hall, John 3:1-17
Remembering Our Baptism Acts 8:14-17 by Rev. Randy L. Quinn
Who Are You? Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Baptist, John (see John, the Baptist)

Blessed are the poor in spirit by T. Hall, Matthew 5:1-12
Beatitudes or Anti-Beatitudes? Luke 6:17-26 SueCan

Belief (see Faith)

Bible (see Scripture)

A New Future is Possible, 1 Samuel 1:4-10 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Bitterness &Faithfulness, Ruth 1:1-18 by Rev. Thomas Hall

Blindness Healed
The Eyes Have It, John 9, Rev. Steven Loftis
New Sight, by MH in Austin, John 9:1-41
Willful Blindness vs. the Desire to See, by Jim from BC, John 9:1-41
A Man Born Blind Receives Sight, by Anne in Providence, John 9:1-41
O say can you see? by T. Hall, John 9:1-41

Escape Artist, by Troy Brewer, Romans 12:1-2, Isaiah 10:27

Born Again
Born again by T. Hall, John 3:1-17

Bread of Life
Now the Feast... Jim from B.C. John 6:51-58
The Bread of Life, Simon Rundell,
John 6:51-58