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  Trinity Sunday (cycle a)
   1st Sunday after Pentecost

Texts & Discussion:
Genesis 1:1-2:4a
Psalm 8
2 Corinthians 13:11-13
Matthew 28:16-20

Other Resources:


Matthew Henry,    Wesley
Word Study:

This Week's Themes:

Triune Nature of God
Human in God's image
Baptized in the Trinitarian Name of God


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The Lord Our God is One…or Three?  John 16:12-15, Rev. Janet in CNY

The Proverbs passage says Wisdom was created before the earth was formed, before the mountains and the fields. Wisdom is usually portrayed as a feminine figure, from the Greek word Sophia. Some people equate this "Wisdom" with the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit is God, so it cannot be a created being. But if Wisdom IS a part of God, as it must be, because God did all the creating, and has all wisdom and knowledge, then wisdom is not a created being. See how twisted around these studies can be?!

One of my courses at TC3 this past semester was Astronomy. We learned about the unimaginable vastness of space…the emptiness of space…the innumerable stars that are there, and that many thousands of them have planets orbiting around them. Some of those planets may be able to sustain life much the same as our own. I enjoyed the course very much, but it raised many questions in my mind. Unfortunately, these are questions to which there is no available answer. Notice I said AVAILABLE answer.

There are answers, but we won't get them until we set foot in heaven. Ralph Milton, author of the weekly edition of Rumors, spoke of stars this week. I quote:

My son Mark is a very scientific type who is deeply interested in astronomy...Click here for full manuscript