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January 5th: New Year's Message: The Meaning of Life
  Scripture: Eccl 1:1-11, Mt. 5:1-6
Video Link:
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Meaning of Life
  PowerPoint: NewYear PPT


Excerpt: So, today is the first day of the new year, which causes many to reflect on the meaning of life. As I was preparing the message, I thought of the works of Douglas Adams entitled: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. In one of his books he describes a futuristic scene in which a supercomputer is given the question of finding an answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything. After 7.5 million years of calculating the computer is ready to spit out the answer. Watch this little clip to find out...

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January 12th: You Are Lovable
Luke 4:18-19
  PowerPoint: Loveable


Excerpt: You Are Loveable! Have you ever been told you are lovable? If you have, what did that mean to you? Did you believe it and take it seriously or discount it altogether? Your reaction might depend on who said it and the nature of your relationship with that person. If you have a pattern of doubting your lovability, it may be due to painful childhood experiences that left you with insecurities and self doubt.
But the fact is that, we are forever and always lovable. Even if a bad childhood led you to feel unloved and unworthy, you are still lovable. Even if you feel ashamed due to past failures and mistakes, you are still lovable. Even if ...

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January 19th: Message of Affirmation: You Are a Badass!
Talk based on the book with same title and various Scriptures
Book Link:
You Are a Badass
You Are A Badass


Excerpt: On a flight to Atlanta last year, I sat next to a young lady who read what I thought of as a rather provocative book entitled: ďYou are a BadassĒ by Jen Sincero. It peaked my curiosity; I googled the book and to my surprise I found that it contains a wholesome message very much in line with Christian values. So much so that I decided to base todayís talk on excerpt from the book along with Scripture readings that support itís message. Jen starts of with a self-affirming chapter:
1. You are awesome
ďAnd while there are countless ways that we rip ourselves off, thereís one way in particular that is, without a doubt, the most rampant and the most devastating of all: we invest everything weíve got in believing that weíre not good enough....You are loved. Massively. Ferociously. Unconditionally. The Universe is totally freaking out about how awesome you are...

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January 26th:
Message on Spiritual Enlightenment:
What Prayer is Not
Video Link:
King of Queens:Prayer
 PowerPoint: Prayer


Excerpt: How then should we pray? Can we pray for anything we desire? Can I pray for those Gucci shoes? Can I pray for my football team to win? Can I pray for a healing either for myself or a loved one? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes. However, whether God answers all of our prayers or not is a different question. Thatís really important to keep in mind.

Prayer at its most basic level is walking and talking with God. Itís about a relationship. So, in this sense, prayer is more of a way of life rather than a thing we turn on and off. Sometimes we can define a concept really well by saying what itís not. So here is what prayer is not. Prayer is NOT...

- a formula that must be mindlessly recited as a Christian duty...

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February 2nd:  Will My Faith Be Enough?
Luke 17:5-6 and Matthew 17:20
  PowerPoint:  EnoughFaith


Excerpt: The question that is raised by the Scriptures for today is: "Will my faith be enough?"  Isnít it true that we often feel like that? We question our faith. We wonder if our faith is adequate, if itís enough. Iím not just talking about religious faith here. When I worked as a hospital chaplain a few years ago I quickly learned that faith is a spiritual property that all humans possess, whether they are religious or not.

Faith is an important human property. We have to have faith in ourselves, in other people, in the future, etc. People that have lost their faith in themselves become depressed and anxious about life. Faith is important. But somehow, we all struggle with our faith.

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February 9th: The Trouble with Judging Others

  Scripture: Luke 6:37-42
Video Link: Watch the conclusion of this message on YouTube

Judging Others

> Excerpt: Our topic today is "judging others" so I thought I do some research on Christian books that deal with this issue. I came across a rather controversial book by Pastor Jason T. Berggren. His book is entitled "10 Things I Hate About Christianity"
The first point he makes in his book is about how judgmental Christianity is. He says: "If we must point fingers, let's point fingers at ourselves." [1] I wonder what it looks like to be non-judgmental. I think we are pretty good with not judging people as a local church, aren't we? We accept, welcome and support all people. Fact is, we are not known to try to convert those who think or believe differently from us. In fact, there are those among us this morning who would identify as Buddhist and Jewish this morning.

Of course, our evangelical brothers and sisters would challenge us: if you don't convert people, if you don't oppose "false" beliefs, how are you making disciples? Don't we need some degree of judgment in the process of disciple-making?...

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  February 16th: Valentines Day Message:
How Your Love Language Can Fuel Your Spiritual Life
John 3:16-18

Excerpt: I got the perfect message for Valentine's Day! Let's talk about our love languages.  Dr. Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages" (1995) has become a widely popular and helpful concept. It is used in a variety of applications ranging from couple's therapy to spiritual retreats. What are the love languages and what can we learn from this concept?

In short, the five love languages are about the way we feel loved and valued by others. They are different for everybody. You can speak one or more love languages based on your personality type. According to Dr. Chapman, there are five love languages....

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February 23rd: Will I Be Alright?
Romans 5:1-5
  PowerPoint:  Alright
  Song Link: I'm Alright FFH
("Trouble may find me, but it's not going to keep me down")

Excerpt: At the beginning of a new year, we look ahead to the new possibilities, but we often also start to worry about the dark clouds we perceive in the future. We worry and we ask ourselves, will I be alright?

Just recently I read a Psychology Today article that taught me something new. I didnít realize that a negative outlook on life can be the result of a victim mentality. It was written by a minister/psychologist by the name of Nancy Colier. It was one of those ďaha-momentsĒ in my life which helped me to grow spiritually. As a definition, those with a victim mentality are always being victimized, at least in their own mind. They maintain a consistent victim identity and see life through perpetually victim-tinted glasses.

We all know people who seem to be constantly commenting on some injustice done to them ó how others are denying them what they need, want, and deserve, controlling them against their will...

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