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An Epiphany Prayer

Heavenly Father, we celebrate with the wise men the heavenly light and the discovery of the Light of the World- Jesus the Christ.  God of Light, make us faithful. Give us light, O God, sufficient for each step of the way. Help us to spread the light you have given us. Help us to live our lives in accordance with your great commission to make disciples in those common everyday places.  Help children and mothers and fathers to know what is enough and to be satisfied with what is enough - enough of food, clothing, shelter, things, and even revelation. Help us to live with what you give us and to give away what we have in abundance; in Christ's name. Amen.





Children's Messages

Sermon Excerpt

Reflections of Light
John 1:1-18; 8:12
Rev. Randy L. Quinn

This week there was a full moon. But it was an unusual full moon. It was unusual because it fell on the shortest day of the year Ė or as some folks point out Ė it fell on the longest night of the year. But more than that, because of the nature of celestial orbits, on this particular week, during this particular full moon, the moon was closer to the earth than it has been in over 50 years.

I heard all about the scientific explanations before I went to look at it on Tuesday night. But what I saw was the same moon Iíve seen before. Except this time the moon looked somehow bigger and somehow brighter.

In fact, the next day I noticed the sun shining through the clouds and I thought that the moon had looked bigger than the sun did!

But as I was looking at the heavens, I couldnít help but hear the scientific explanations in my mind Ė the sun is much, much larger than the moon, but because of the distance, it appears smaller. The gravitational pull of the sun has more effect on the earth than the moon does, but the moonís pull is so variable that we see itís effect on the tides in a way unlike the sunís apparent effect. Then there are the mathematical explanations for the orbits that are not exactly circular and the explanations for how the moon always faces the earth the same way but not the sun so that there seem to be phases of the moonís cycle as it reflects the sunís light.

What was missing in the scientific explanations was any sense of mystery and awe. There was no room for wonder. But I believe God intended us to stand in awe at the mystery of the sun and the moon in the sky . . . Subscribers: click here to access the full manuscript and more


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