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February 2nd:  Will My Faith Be Enough?
Luke 17:5-6 and Matthew 17:20
  PowerPoint:  EnoughFaith


Excerpt: The question that is raised by the Scriptures for today is: "Will my faith be enough?"  Isnít it true that we often feel like that? We question our faith. We wonder if our faith is adequate, if itís enough. Iím not just talking about religious faith here. When I worked as a hospital chaplain a few years ago I quickly learned that faith is a spiritual property that all humans possess, whether they are religious or not....

February 9th: The Trouble with Judging Others
  Scripture: Luke 6:37-42
Video Link: Watch this message on YouTube
  PowerPoint: Judging Others

> Excerpt: Our topic today is "judging others" so I thought I do some research on Christian books that deal with this issue. I came across a rather controversial book by Pastor Jason T. Berggren. His book is entitled "10 Things I Hate About Christianity"
The first point he makes in his book is about how judgmental Christianity is. He says: "If we must point fingers, let's point fingers at ourselves." [1] I wonder what it looks like to be non-judgmental. I think we are pretty good with not judging people as a local church, aren't we? We accept, welcome and support all people. Fact is, we are not known to try to convert those who think or believe differently from us....

  February 16th: Valentines Day Message:
How Your Love Language Can Fuel Your Spiritual Life
John 3:16-18
  PowerPoint:  Love-Languages

Excerpt: I got the perfect message for Valentine's Day! Let's talk about our love languages.  Dr. Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages" (1995) has become a widely popular and helpful concept. It is used in a variety of applications ranging from couple's therapy to spiritual retreats. What are the love languages and what can we learn from this concept?....

Feb. 23: Healing Service to Stand in Solidarity with the CoronaVirus Victims
Luke 9:1-2, 6
  PowerPoint:  Healing Service

  Prayers: Healing Service
  Song Link: For the Healing of the Nations (Fred Kaan)

Introduction: Healing was central to the ministry of Jesus. It was a sign of God's kingdom, bringing renewal and wholeness of life to those who turned to God in their need. Jesus sent out his disciples with the commission to 'proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. In every act of worship, the Church celebrates the grace of God who desires wholeness of .body, mind and spirit.

Message: Certainly praying for the sick is scriptural (James 5: 14-15: "Is anyone sick among you? Let them call on the church to pray"), but isn't it interesting that Jesus never specifically asked his disciples to pray for the sick....