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April 5, 2020 Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Luke 19:35-38

...As I was pondering the meaning of Scripture Reading from Luke 19, I was wondering what exactly was the significance of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. And I was asking myself, what does that compare to today? In other words: "What would Jesus drive today?"
Would he be driving in on a Volkswagen Peace Bus? Or would he use public transportation? Californians probably have their money on a Prius as an environmentally friendly hybrid. College students would suggest Jesus rode in on a bicycle or a skateboard. Honda lovers have long claimed that Jesus would drive a Honda Accord since Jesus once said in John 12:49a: "For I did not speak of my own accord." What do you think Jesus would drive?....


April 12, 2020 Easter: Jesus Lives Now

Scripture: Mark 16:1-7
Hymn Link (with lyrics): Thine Be The Glory

Mary and the Disciples were told: “don’t look for the living among the dead. Go to Galilee and you’ll find him. And so they did: The disciples encountered Jesus in a stranger that told them how to catch fish. St. Paul had a vision of Jesus on “the road to Damascus.”...


April 19, 2020 Paying it Forward
PowerPoint: Paying-it-Forward
Video: Film Trailer
Songs (See PPT for lyrics):
Give Me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath)
Brother (Need To Breathe)
Scripture Matthew 18:23-33

While this parable definitely teaches us something about forgiveness, it also teaches about another principle that has been called: “Paying it forward!” This principle was popularized by author Catherine Ryan Hyde in her novel Pay It Forward (1999). In the year 2000, she founded the Pay it Forward Foundation, a non-profit that has been actively sought to put into practice this principle (the stories on their website are amazing). Her book inspired the Holywood film by the same name...

26, 2020 Karma  - Sowing Good Seeds
Scripture Readings: Proverbs 11:27, Job 4:8, Galatians 6:7, James 3:18
Download the PowerPoint Presentation
Video: A Story about Karma

...the biblical metaphors for reaping what you have sown are virtually a description of Karma! The verses they list following this description are the ones we just heard read. It's amazing to me to see how these conservative evangelicals are so narrowly focused on their particular theology that they don't even make sense anymore....