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St. Thomas Day - St. Thomas, the Doubter

"My sheep hear my voice. I know
them, and they follow me"

Jesus in John 10:10:27.

Call to Worship

Prayer to Shepherd God
(by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier)

Shepherd God,
Give me your great heart to love with, especially when my own heart is too small and limited to love as another needs to be loved.
Give me all I need to reach out to those who are lost and in trouble.
Give me the love and courage to give myself totally to the mission of Jesus, the Good Shepherd who laid down his life so that we would have life in its fullness. Amen.




Children's Messages


Sermon Excerpt

Jesus the Loving Shepherd
a sermon based on Psalm 23 and John 10:11-18
by Rev. Thomas Hall

...That image--of a loving shepherd--was etched in my mind very early in life. On my bedroom wall, in my Sunday School class, in grammaís living room, at Lake Geneva Bible Camp, I would see that picture of Jesus strolling in Minnesota pasture land with a staff in one hand and a three-week old lamb in the other. He wore an egg-shell colored tunic with a purple stole around his shoulder. And bunched up all around him were the sheep, contented and serene with life all following their shepherd. That comes right out of our lessons this morning. What a picture of Jesus and the church--the loving shepherd ever responsible for his sheep.

Maybe you can recall quite a different shepherd picture: the scene is on a sheer mountain side. The picture has been painted in dark hues, giving the picture a threatening, somber cast. Doesnít take long before you notice a lamb quivering on a slab of granite with no way out. How in the world a little lamb could get into that predicament is beyond me, but almost out of nowhere is that loving shepherd again. He reaches out toward the frightened lamb, giving us hope that the little fluffy guy will be rescued. What a picture of Jesus and the church-the loving shepherd ever searching for us.

Can you recall a time when you were that little lamb, frightened, stuck up there on the side of a lonely mountain? When it seemed like there was no way out? Maybe it was the first time that you heard your parents arguing outside your bedroom late one night. You felt alone, frightened. Maybe you felt frightened and helpless when your best friend and you got into some disagreement and then grew away from each other...Subscribers: click here for the full manuscript


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