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Resources for the 5th Sunday after Pentecost
St. Thomas Day - St. Thomas, the Doubter

Call to Worship

L: We gather here today to draw close to God
P: The Lord Almighty is our source of life and love
L: God calls us to be generous as God is generous
P: We praise His faithfulness to all generations
L: Come, let us praise and adore the LORD

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Children's Messages

Sermon Excerpt

Calming the Waters
sermon based on Mark 4:35-41
by Rev. Randy Quinn

One of the comments my wife Ronda has made about me is that whatever book I just read is always the most important book Iíve read.  It probably seems that way at times; but the truth is that whatever book I just read is always the one I remember the most.  (My memory doesnít allow me to remember too many things at one time, I guess.)

Having said that, the book I just finished reading, The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner, made me ask a different set of questions as I looked at our text for today.  Glassner makes a strong case for the role of the media in the kinds of fears we have Ė fears that often have no basis in reality.

As he explored the social and psychological reasons we become afraid of things, he concludes that we are often willingly duped into fearing the wrong things because we donít want to face the things we really ought to fear.

That made me wonder what the Disciples were really afraid of the night the storm came.  And I was struck by an interesting part of the story that I hadnít really noticed before.... Subscribers: click here for the full manuscript


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