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5th Sunday after Pentecost
St. Thomas Day - St. Thomas, the Doubter

Call to Worship

L: We gather here today to draw close to God
P: The Lord Almighty is our source of life and love
L: God calls us to be generous as God is generous
P: We praise His faithfulness to all generations
L: Come, let us praise and adore the LORD


Jesus Calms the Storm

"It's All Good - Even on the Sinking Boat" by Franklyn S.

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Children's Messages

Sermon Excerpt

God is Good, All the Time!
Mark 4:4:35-41

Rev. Frank Schaefer

I think we can all relate to the disciples in today’s bible story. Life gets rough sometimes and we start to worry or even panic. This lesson from Mark teaches us that we need more faith, especially when those dark and boisterous storms come.

Honestly, sometimes when those storms of life hit us, it feels like God has forsaken us. There is an intrinsic teaching value in this bible lesson, telling us that God does not forsake us. After all, Jesus, the son of God, was in the boat with the disciples.

So, maybe God hasn’t forsaken us, but what this story expresses is that sometimes it feels like God isn’t doing anything. God isn’t answering our prayers in the hour of our greatest needs.

So, Jesus was asleep while the disciples were frantically trying to stay afloat, trying to steer the boat clear of the roaring waves. How was it even possible for Jesus to sleep through such a storm? Was he that tired? Did he really not know what was going on? Or did he pretend to sleep to test his disciples’ faith?

I’m saying this because Jesus, after calming the storm, said this to the disciples: “Where is your faith?”

I think, other questions are implicit in this teaching moment, such as: What were you thinking? That the son of God would drown? That I would allow a storm, a few waves, and a little wind, to destroy us?

Do you see what’s happening here? Suddenly our question to God: “why don’t you answer our prayers?” is turned right back at us: “where is your faith?” Turns out that Jesus expects us to keep our faith during those hard times.

Personally, my biggest question is not how God can expect us to have faith in those “God-forsaken” moments, but rather: “what does such faith look like? What did Jesus expect the disciples to do differently?.... Subscribers: click here for the full manuscript


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