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First Sunday after Epiphany  (a)
Baptism of the Lord



Texts & Discussion:
Isaiah 42:1-9
Psalm 29
Acts 10:34-43
Matthew 3:13-17



This Week's Themes:
Meaning of Baptism
Revelation of Christ

Empowerment for Ministry


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Sermon Excerpt:

Fulfilling Righteousness, Matthew 3:13-17
Randy Quinn

On Christmas Eve, when the church was as full as it has ever been, the pastor of a nearby church reportedly made this comment:

It is nice to see everyone here tonight. Some of you I have not seen since last Christmas. Some of you will not be back until Easter. We welcome you tonight and hope that you will not be frightened away by the large crowd -- it is not normally this crowded.

When I heard about it, I wondered if it was true. Did he REALLY say that? I know I have thought it before. I suspect that most of the people there had thought it before. But it somehow sounds so wrong to articulate those inner thoughts, doesn't it?

What the pastor was naming is the tendency in our society to see Religion as a private matter. Faith is an individual choice, so we do not impose it upon another individual, nor do we object to other individuals believing and worshipping differently than we worship and believe. That is what most of us think the 1st Amendment guarantees us -- the individual choice about faith and its expression. That is what it means to live in America...Subscribers: click here for full manuscript and all other sermons and resources

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