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Sermon Excerpt: All Consuming Zeal, John 2:13-22, Randy L Quinn

By all accounts, the temple in Jerusalem was a magnificent building.  It was built on a site chosen by King David, the same site where King Solomon built the first temple.  That first temple lasted nearly 400 years and was the pride of Israel.

After its destruction in 587 BC, the people were sent into exile, demoralized and despondent.  When it was rebuilt a century later, it was not nearly as grand, not nearly as ornate, not nearly as impressive.  But it became the focal point of the religious life of the Jewish people, nevertheless.

King Herod, in an attempt to win the favor of his Jewish subjects, decided to expand on the temple.  It became almost as magnificent as Solomon’s – although no one had pictures of the former so Herod could honestly claim it was even more magnificent.  It included additional porches and porticos.  It included courtyards for Gentiles as well as Jewish converts.  As indicated in our text, it took 46 years to build into the facility that Jesus was visiting when he came to Jerusalem for the Passover.

To visitors, especially those who had never been to Jerusalem before, it was impressive and awe-inspiring.  Its location, atop Mt. Zion, allowed it to be seen before the rest of the city came into view, making it the focal point of all who entered the city.  The architecture was designed to turn their attention to the God of Israel, the God who made the heavens and the earth, the God who ordered all of life. Now other people, in other cultures, and in other generations have done similar things... Subscribers: Click here for all resources for Lent 3