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  Breath of God worship service for Pentecost - complete with prayers, hymn suggestions
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Sermon Excerpt: Interceding for the Young Saints, Rom. 8:22-27, Randy Quinn

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Hannah. Most people know her story but don’t always remember her – they remember instead her better known first-born son. Hannah longed for a sign of God’s acceptance. Specifically, Hannah longed to have a child, the most visible and commonly recognized sign of God’s blessing.

Her husband assured her that child or no child, she was loved. But Hannah longed for that day when others would know she was loved.

So whenever her husband would make his sacrifices and offerings, Hannah would go along and pray. Year after year, she pleaded with God. She begged God. She wept and she fasted. There were times when she no longer had words, but kept on praying anyway.

Eventually, God answered her prayers. She gave birth to a son – and then three more sons as well as two daughters.

I love her story because of her persistence. I love her story because of God’s faithfulness. But whenever I read it I’m also amazed at – and challenged by – her response to God’s answered prayer. Rather than simply giving thanks for the child that she agonized over, Hannah takes the child and gives him to Eli, the priest, so he can raise him as an adopted son.

In Paul’s words, she “groaned inwardly” as she waited and then when her prayers were answered, she gave away the “firstfruits” of her womb! (Rom 8:23).... DPS Subscribers: click here to access these and other resources