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Sermon Excerpt: No Christmas Without Mary, Lk 1:39-55 Rev. F. Schaefer

Luke most likely heard the story of the annunciation from Mary herself (Mary is identified as one of the witnesses Luke had interviewed for the writing of his gospel). It is her "calling story."

As outrageous as we would think a statement like this would be in today's world, as outrageous it must have been back then.

Sometimes, we have this sense about the New Testament era that everything was different. We romanticize it in our minds; to us it was a mythical time of miracles, a time when God talked with people directly, when angels delivered messages and when the world was so much more innocent from today. Give me that old time religion!

Realistically speaking, however, the New Testament times were not so different from our times. When Mary had the encounter with Mr. Gabriel it was just as hard for people to believe her story as it would be today...

...Is it any wonder that Jesus ended up being the prophet he turned out to be? I imagine his mother had a lot to do with his extraordinary sense of destiny to proclaim the good news to the captive, the oppressed and the poor. Or let me put it this way: would Jesus ever have reached his full potential had his not been there to instill this faith and sense of calling in him?

Let's face it: not only did Mary give us the first Christmas song, without her there would be no Christmas.. . Subscribers: click here for the full manuscript