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2nd Sunday of Easter


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   Sermon Excerpt: A Precious Gift, 1 Peter 1:3-9, Rev. Randy Quinn 

In 1487 the Portuguese explorer Bartoleme Dias was the first European to sail all the way to the southern tip of Africa. When he arrived there, he found a peak that juts out into the water and called it “The Cape of Storms.”

Navigators have told how stormy that area can be ever since. One for example, on a modern ship reported that his ship tilted to an angle of 30˚ for several days during a storm in that area. One of his men stepped off a ladder, slipped and hurt his leg so badly he had to be flown home for medical treatment.

Dias had a first-hand experience of such storms. When he returned to Portugal, he told King John II of those ferocious winds and waves. As the king listened, he had a surprising reaction. He saw the possibility of sailing around this cape to India. He renamed it “The Cape of Good Hope.”

A week after the resurrection, the Disciples were still frightened about what might happen to them. They found themselves huddled together behind locked doors (Jn 20:26). All they could imagine were stormy days ahead
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