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Family Worship Service: The Sunday School Blues

Resources include sermon, children's message, funny
video: "The Sunday School Blues" and promo material



  • Video: "The Sunday School Blues" (see YouTube video below)
  • Children's Message: "Brownies Don’t Make Themselves"  (scroll down to see excerpt)
  • Sermon:  "Get Your Tuchus in the Pew"  (scroll down to see excerpt)
  • Promotional Materials --(view below)
    Press Release, Bulletin Insert/Flyer; Bulletin Cover; PowerPoint Slide


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Brownies Don’t Make Themselves
Children’s message based on Ephesians 5:14b-20

Objects: a paper bag, pack of brownie mix, a plastic container filled with a water and oil mix, an egg (boiled if you don’t want it to break)

I thought I would make some brownies this morning. I have an egg, a container with a water/oil mix, the brownie mix, of course, and a bowl in this paper sack. Wouldn't you agree that I have all the ingredients needed to make an awesome batch of brownies?

What I will do is just let them sit here and check back at the end of our worship time to see if they’re done and ready to be devoured. I know what you’re thinking now. You are glad that I am married to a woman who knows how to cook, because otherwise I would have died of starvation a long time ago!

It is silly to think that just because all the ingredients are assembled in a paper sack that brownies will be soon forthcoming. . . . .


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Sermon: "Get Your Tuchus in the Pew"
based on Matthew 13: 1-9, 27-23, Ephesians 5:14b-20
by Rev. Frank Schaefer

According to our Scripture text, there are definitely obstacles to spiritual growth which we need to be aware of and which we need to overcome. In Jesus’ parable, God is likened to a farmer who seeds the field. We, the believers, are identified with the different types of soil. Some receive the good news and just thrive, others have conditions or obstacles to a fruitful spiritual growth that will either stifle their spirituality or even eclipse it.

I believe that the different soils could also represent different stages in a believer’s spiritual development, simply because I think we all can relate to the different challenges of the different soils during our own spiritual developments.

This morning I want to ask you this: speaking of this moment in your life, where do you see yourself? Do you feel like you’re:

·Rocky Soil?a farmer from one of my former congregations once told me that rocks do present a real obstacle and nuisance to plowing and seeding the fields. I could sense his frustration by the way he shared: “no matter how many rocks you pick up and put into piles, there’s always more the next year—it’s like they breed.”

Do you feel like you’re on rocky soil sometimes? Do you feel like you need to grow deeper spiritual roots? Do you feel like you have holes in your theology? Are you afraid to talk about your faith because you feel like you can’t answer even some of the more basic questions about Christianity, about God, or about the bible?

·Among Thorns?or is your spiritual growth stifled by thorns. You’re among thorns if you feel like you’re in danger of being bought by the lures of the “world” or if you are buying into the empty promises of the “world.” . . .


. . . No doubt, the fellowship of believers is a “breeding ground” for good spiritual growth. When two or three are gathered in his name, Christ will be in the midst of them. How important is it to meet for worship and, yes, for Sunday School?

Some people say that you can also grow spiritually at home; but you know what? All these years as a minister, I honestly have not met anybody of which it was evident that they were happy Christians growing in the Lord at home. There may be a few out there, but I dare say that it is rare to be able to make it on your own.

Before I became vegetarian, I used to love to grill—the old fashioned way: with real charcoal. There is nothing like the taste of a burger grilled on a real char-coal grill. Now, you all know what happens if you take one of those glowing char-coal pieces and set it off to the side, away from the others, don’t you?

Yes, soon it stops glowing and giving off heat. It’s fire is simply extinguished in a short period of time while the other pieces of coal are still ablaze and giving off heat. Why? Because they keep huddled together and keep each other hot and giving off even more heat.

Don’t be like the piece of coal that goes cold over time. Get some heat. . . . .

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Promotional Materials:


Press Release:


To:  email or mail to your local newspapers / online community event calendar


Re: ________ Church to feature a special Family Service "The Sunday School Blues"


On Sunday, the _____ (date), the _________  Church will offer a special multi-media family worship service (services) at _______ (Time/s).


The service offers a humorous approach to  the importance of Christian Education and Worship. Pastor (Rev.)   _______'s  message deals with the common struggle to get up for church on Sunday mornings.  Pastor _____'s answer for overcoming the "Sunday School Blues" is contained in the sermon title: "Get Your Tuchus in the Pew."

“We’re all struggling with our faith at times and it’s perfectly alright to look at that and chuckle at ourselves; it's therapeutic and it’s encouraging to know that we’re not alone. The important thing is that we keep ourselves motivated and passionate about continuing on our spiritual path together as a caring church community.”

Come and enjoy a children's message on how to make Brownies, the humorous music video "The Sunday School Blues," and more.

For more information check out the church's website at ___________.

The church is located on _______________ in ____________, near   (if applicable)      . Parking and nursery available.


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