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A Messianic Seder Celebration

Fellowship at Entrance

Words of Welcome

Search And Removal of chamez (leavened bread)

Kadesh (Sanctification of the Day)

Assembled (in unison): You shall keep the Feast of the Unleavened bread, for on this very day I brought your hosts out of Egypt. You shall observe this day throughout the generations as a practice for all times (Exodus 12:17)

Leader: We assemble in fulfillment of the commandment.

Assembled: Remember this day in which you came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage, for by strength of hand the Lord brought you out from this place (Exodus 13:3)

Lighting of the Festal Candles

Song of Freedom: "The Lord is Present"

The Kiddush Cup

Recital (in unison): God says: "I am the Lord, and I will free you from the

burden of the Egyptians

Scripture Reading: Song of Solomon 2:10-12; 7:12

Breaking the Bread

The Child’s Four Questions

Assembled (in unison): We, therefore, gather year after year, to retell the ancient story. For, in reality it is not ancient, but eternal in its message, and in its spirit. It proclaims man’s burning desire to preserve liberty and justice for all.

Assembled: This is the bread of affliction, the poor bread, which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt. Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are in want share the hope of Passover. As we celebrate here we join with people everywhere.

(Eat a portion of matzah)

The Cup of Deliverance

Assembled (recite in unison before drinking): The Lord God says: "I will deliver you from your bondage."

Eating of Maror (after dipping it twice in salt water)

The Cup of Redemption

Assembled (all recite before drinking): The Lord God says:"I will redeem you with an outstretched arm."

Karpas, Birth and Renewal (each person takes some greens and dips them in salt water)

Assembled: Praised are you, O Lord our God, the king of the universe, who creates the fruit of the earth and whose sacrificial love redeems us, first through the symbol of the blood of the lamb smeared over the door-posts of our forefathers, and now through the atoning death of the lamb of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

(All dip the green herb into haroseth and eat)

The Passover Words of Jesus Matthew 26:26-28

We give to God

Hymn "Shalom to You"

The Elijah Cup

Assembled (in unison): The Lord God says:"I will bring you into the

promised Land."

Tzafun, Search for the Hidden Matzah

Concluding Psalm of Praise, Hallel

Assembled: We will be one with the praise songs of all peoples. Praise God, for he restores the earth to its goodness. Praise God for he restores humanity to themselves. Praise God all ye nations! Sing praises unto Him all ye peoples. For the faithfulness of the Lord has been mighty with us. And the truth of the Lord is forever. Hallelujah. Amen