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Grandparent Day


Grandparents Are the Best!
Children's sermon by Rev. Frank Schaefer

Props: a picture of grandparents (preferably yours)

Good morning boys and girls: today is Grandparents' Day. So, I thought I bring a picture of my grandparents; I used to call them "Omie" and "Opa," and this is what they looked like [show picture].

They are both with Jesus in heaven now, but when they were still here with me, they used to take care of me and my brother. We would visit them and my grandma would cook us anything that our little hearts desired. And grandpa was a lot of fun. We would play tricks on him, and he would get mad at us and chase us around the house. But what I liked best about spending time with my grandparents, I would always ask them if the stories my parents told me were true. I remember asking them: "can you tell me a story from when my mom was little?"

But enough about my grandparents, what about yours? Who of you has grandparents? Who of you see your grandparents for holidays? Every month? How many see your grandparents every week?

[Ask the children to share about their grandparents] Helpful lead questions: what do you call them? What do you like about visiting them? What do you do when you go see them/when they come over for a visit? Do they hug you? When you tell them about something good that happened, what is their reaction? Are they happy for you? What kind of things do they give you? . .

Now, grandparents are very special people.  God has made them very wise.    Some people think that's why God put silver on their heads.  Does your grandpa or grandma have silver in their hair?  If you look out over the people in this sanctuary (gesture) do you see any people with silver in their hair?  Yes, there are quite a few, and I bet you a lot of them are grandparents too!

Wow, we have found out a lot of good things about grandparents; a lot of good things we can be thankful for. Do you think we should say "thank you" to God for our grandparents (nod head lightly to encourage a "yes")?

But before we say a prayer of thanks to God, I would like to share one more important thing: Some of you may not see your grandparents a lot, some of you may hardly ever get to spend time with them. But you know what? I bet you, they would love to hear from you--especially since today is Grandparents' Day.  You see, it's not just that we need our grandparents, but they need us too. If you haven't heard from your grandma or grandpa in a while, chances are that they may miss you just as much as you miss them. I have an idea: we could all write a letter to, or draw a picture for our grandmas and grandpas today. That way they will know that we love them. You could ask your parents to help you with that. What do you think? Is that a good idea?

Let's bow our heads and close our eyes and let us say "thank you" to God for our grandmas and grandpas.