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The Meaning of Christmas is God's Seeking Us

author unknown

based on Luke 2:1-20

A story often communicates better than an explanation. Here are a few stories illustrating the meaning of Christmas. On a cold, snowy night, a farmer looked out the back window of his house and saw a flock of birds on the ground, freezing to death. He got dressed and went outside to see if he could help. He opened the door of his barn, hoping that they would sense it was warmer inside, and not fear entering. He knew they would be protected and sheltered in the barn, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't entice them in. The farmer was frustrated and said to himself: "If only I could become one of them for a while. If only I could shrink myself down to their size, put on their feathers and communicate with them on their level. Then perhaps I could show them the way, I could lead them personally, into my life-saving barn."

The Advent of God at Christmas could also be compared to a powerful princess who was uncomfortable with the pomp and pretense of palace life because she was honest and humble at heart. When she decided to get married, she looked for an eligible male amongst the aristocrats and nobility of the King's court, but couldn't find anyone suitable. When the princess started looking for a husband among the vassals and peasants, she discovered that as soon as they found out she was a princess, they would not act normally or treat her as an equal. They always deferred to her and offered to serve. A few promised their love, but she was never certain whether their protestations were genuine. How could she know whether they were marrying her for her personal qualities rather than for her power, wealth and position?

She decided on a bold and dangerous plan. She got rid of her entourage and gave most of her servants a holiday. She told everyone she was going on a pilgrimage, and left the city. She removed her royal robes and dressed as a peasant girl, going to work in a peasant village. There she met a worthy man and got to know him. They grew to love each other as equals. It wasn't until a month before the wedding that she told him and his family who she really was.

The wedding was a joyous occasion, and they lived happily ever after. One final story, a true one. When the world was just beginning, and Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they ran away and hid from God because they sinned and were ashamed of themselves. Yet God sought them out, as a person does in the children's game of Hide and Seek. In every generation since Adam, human beings have been running away from God. God decided he had to come among his creatures and seek them out personally. Ready or not, here He comes. God is always "It", and knows where we are hiding.

Out of love for us, He left his "home base" in heaven to bring us back, else we would never get "home free". We who are already "found" can do our part by cluing others to God's nearness. When God gets close, we can say, "He's getting warm. Warmer! Hot! He's almost there! He almost has you in His grasp!" Wouldn't it be marvellously good if everyone could be found, by the Hound of Heaven who is constantly seeking them!