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Sermon Seed:

Look to Him & Be Radiant
a sermon seed based on Psalm 34:5
by an anonymous DPS poster

.... A friend shared with me her "pumpkin sermon" which I plan to use this Sunday for the Family Service.

Prepare a large jack o'lantern ahead of time by cutting out eyes, ears, nose and mouth, slicing off the stem end and hollowing out the rest. Put all the pieces (except the seeds, pulp, etc.) back in place, so that the pumpkin still looks whole.

Then talk about how the senses (sight, hearing, etc.) allow us to be in touch with God. As each is mentioned, remove the pieces and reveal the face.

Then ask the children what is missing. When they respond "a light", place the candle and light it to show God's spirit within each one.

Talk about how sometimes we refuse to use what we have to get in touch with God. Put back the pieces to stop up the nose, mouth, etc. Put back the top and observe what happens to the light within us.