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God is Calling Us

Gen. 12:1-9

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The Bible has been called a Book of Miracles. One of the miracles is how individuals change their lives in some drastic way to follow God's direction. On the first reading I suppose it is a miracle that Abram left Haran and did what God told him to do.

Earlier in the week, that was going to be the focus of this sermon-- How we need to leave Haran, our comfort and security zones, and live according to God's direction. But then it occurred to me,that before we can leave Haran, before we go out on faith, we need to hear where God is calling us.

As I reflect on this scripture passage more and more, maybe the first miracle is that Abram heard God's call in the first place. Afterall, here is a man whose life circumstances could have drown out the call of God.

Here is a man 75 years old, a time in life when we are to be "slowing down," or "retired".... a time when we could easily say, I have done my time, I have done my work, let someone else do it. But despite Abram's age God called, and Abram heard.

Abram's business obligations could have kept him from hearing God's call. Some commentators point out that Abram's family might have been shepherds or a merchant dealing in idols. Abram could have been so busy with work that he did not hear the call of God. But despite Abram's obligations, God called and Abram heard.

At least one other thing could have kept Abram from hearing God's call- Abram was not a holy man or any one "special"... he is just like a lot of people in the bible an ordinary person just like you and me. Abram could have reasoned that surely God wants someone more holy, more qualified than me. But despite being an ordianry common man God called and Abram heard.

Despite his busyness, despite his age... God called and Abram listened. Abram had his ears on. "Got your ears on" is an old phrase from the days that CB radios were popular. It meant are you listening? Are you recieving my signal?

Abram is a reminder to us that God still calls us despite our age, our business or family obligations. Despite our lack of education or experience, God still calls us to serve and love in a variety of ways.

God may call you in an audible voice as clear and distinct as a voice on the telephone. Or God may call you in more subtle ways, in the voice of a young child, or as you read the scriptures or in the time of Holy Communion. God's call to you may come when you least expect it and in unexpected ways.

(illustration about listening vs. hearing still working on this one)

Friends, God is calling each one of us to serve and to love in very particular ways... day to day... Do you have your ears on?

God is calling this church to serve and to love in very specific ways. Are we listening? Do we have our ears on?