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Illustration: A God So Mighty, Yet So Human

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We have a radio station in England called talk radio ... I find it an incredibly irritating station ... where the presenters seem to delight in putting down the people who call in ..... Anyway ... I was listening to talk radio a couple of years ago A man had phoned in, and told this wonderful story. As a little boy, he and his father were both fanatical soccer supporters. They lived in Sheffield, and supported Sheffield Wednesday soccer team. On one particular occasion, there was a big match and all this little boy's friends were off to see the game.

At home time on the day of the big match .. their parents came to pick them up ... and of course all through the afternoon his friends had been getting very excited about going to see the match. This little boy though was pretty miserable all afternoon. He just couldn’t bear it that all his freinds were going to see the match, but he wasn’t.

Anyway .. home time came and all the boys dads were there, and they went off excited. The little boy’s father eventually came to pick him up ... and as he arrived at the school he told his son that he had a surprise for him .. have you guessed what ... he had got two tickets for the match ... well you can imagine how excited he was .. and together they went the match ... well that was 30 years ago ... and now ... Shefflied Wed are in the biggest soccer competition in the UK, and are about top meet Manchester United (The BIG team!) in the fourth round of the cup .... and without telling his dad, he has got them two tickets to go to that match.

As a way of saying thank you to his Dad ... 30 years later, he has done the same for his dad.

Now ... this is the bit that really got my ear - What a wonderful story ... The Talk radio presenter said to the man calling ... Andrew, that is just fantastic Andrew I worship you!!

When I heard that, I nearly had to stop my car. Andrew, I worship you!! I felt angry that one human being was saying to another human being 'I worship you'. Yes, I felt angry.

And then, I thought ... this is probably what the first Christians struggled with ... worshipping another human being. Now that is really awesome isn't it. And isn't that what the trinity is all about; not a theory, or a theological explanation, but worship. The God we worship, is the God who created the universe, is the same God who lived among us and knows how we feel (just a slob like one of us) ... is the God who is here, now, today, by his Spirit. What an amazing God who just covers all the bases!!