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Lenten Prayer Calendar - No Hunger in our Midst

Musings by a Nail-Bender







How to use these devotions:

  • Lent is a season of spiritual renewal and preparation.  It begins on Ash Wednesday and lasts for 40 days until Easter, not including Sundays.


  • Lent gives each of us the opportunity to:

    • Renew our commitment to God

    • Reflect on our lives and let them be directed by God

    • Respond to Jesus’ call for love and mercy toward all of God’s children


  • Use this Prayer Calendar daily during Lent to pray for those among us who are the little ones of God, those who hunger, those who have no place to lay their heads. 


  • Help address hunger in your local area by making a gift on each of the 40 days of Lent.   In many areas, through your local food bank and food ministries, just a few cents can purchase pounds of food.  God deeply cares for the impoverished, those who are shut out and put down, those who have no options.  Jesus cares for them to such an extent that he says that to care for them is to care for him.  This issue is an issue that is important to God.  Please allow it to be important to you and your community as well. 


  • At the end of these 40 days of prayer and offering, please make this gift to your local food bank or some ministry that cares for the least among us. 



Let us be a people who seek to touch the face of Christ as we reach out in this wondrous effort, as we raise our collective voice and shout:



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Scripture text taken from:


~~ The Message ~~


The Bible in Contemporary Language

by Eugene H. Peterson


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