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Table of Contents for printed material:

Holy Thursday:

  • Childrenís Sermon: What is Holy Week?

  • Sermon: Is There a Limit to Godís Grace

  • Holy Thursday Communion Service

Good Friday:

  • Childrenís Sermon: They All Left Jesus

  • Sermon: The Seven Last Words of Christ

  • Good Friday Tenebrae Service


  • Childrenís Sermon: Who Will Role Away the Stone?

  • Sermon: Point Me Toward Tomorrow

  • Sunrise service with prayers and litanies



Easter Sermon: Point Me Toward Tomorrow, Mark 16:1-8
By Dr. David Rogne

In the Gospel according to Mark, which was read earlier, we heard how three women came to a grave to do what people have traditionally done for the dead, but they couldn't even find the body.  Instead, they heard the words, "He has been raised; he is not here."  Truly, something significant had happened for Jesus, but what is the message this event has for us.

The first thing this Easter narrative says to me is that life is filled with temptations to hold on to the past.  When those women came to the tomb, it was out of respect for a remembered life.  There had been no time to render the last service to the body of Jesus.  The Sabbath had intervened, and the women, who wished to anoint the body, had not been able to do so.  Now the Sabbath had passed, and as early as possible, they set out to accomplish their sad task.  They had heard Jesus preach and teach, they had witnessed his acts of compassion, they had thought that he was to become the Messiah.  Then they had witnessed his cruel death and burial.  Their minds were occupied with thoughts of what might have been.  As long as their attention was focused on the past, their gloom was unrelieved. And hasn't that been our experience too?  .....[ subscribers can click here for the full manuscript ]

Easter Children's sermon: Who Will Role Away the Stone?
an Easter childrenís sermon based on Mark 16:1-8
Do you know how the story of the first Easter morning starts? It starts with a couple of women, Mary, Mary, and Salome, on their way to Jesusí grave. These women loved Jesus so much (one of the Maryís was actually Jesusí mother); they were sad and they were worried.

Do you know what they were worried about the most on their way to the grave? A stone. They were worried that the stone that was rolled in front of Jesusí grave was too heavy for them to move. For they wanted to anoint Jesus body. So they were wondering: "Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?"

....What can we learn from this story? Besides the point that Jesus is alive?  One of the things we can learn is that worrying never amounts to anything. The stone the women had worried about wasnít even an issue, because God had already taken care of it. Maybe youíre worried about things sometimes . . .  [ subscribers can click here for the full manuscript ]


A Service of the Tenebrae (excerpt)

In preparation for this litany:  You will need to set up on the altar or a table seven white candles in any type of candle holder and in one horizontal line. Place an eighth slightly bigger or taller Christ candle in the center. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish; have flash lights ready for your lay readers.

Lighting of the altar candles Tenebrae candles
Extinguishing of Lights.

Readings (after each reading, a candle is extinguished, the reader says: "Lord, have mercy" the congregation responds: "Christ, have mercy")

1. His Betrayal -- Matthew 26:20-25
2. His Inner Turmoil -- Luke 22:40-44
3. His Loneliness -- Matthew 26:40-45
4. His Desertion -- Matthew 26:47-50,55,56
5. His Accusation-- Matthew 26:59-67
6. His Mockery Mark -- 15:12-20
7. His Death -- Luke 23:33-46



All these resources, except the video, are freely accessible to DPS subscribers in the Sermon Builder area (Click here to subscribe now and gain instant access to these resources plus an ENTIRE YEAR of weekly resources  for only 39.95!!)

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