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Power Point Sermon for Christmas

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Sermon Manuscript Excerpt:

Spiritual Christmas Traditions from the "Olde Country"
  by Frank Schaefer

On this Christmas Day (Eve) I would like to share some of those Christmas Traditions that have a spiritual meaning and make a connection to Scriptures of Promise and Hope.

I’m not against secular Christmas traditions and stories, such as those surrounding a certain old man with a white beard and his cute, mythical little helpers, but in church we celebrate the true and original meaning of Christmas—the incredible story of the birth of God in form of a poor little baby--the incarnation of the Son of God.

We Americans pride ourselves on being a diverse people. We may not have many original Christmas traditions, but we do appreciate and celebrate many traditions from around the world.  The way you celebrate Christmas often depends on where your family originally comes from.

Today, I would like to present five Christmas traditions from the “Olde Country” (Europe),that we may not be very familiar with.  These are inspiring traditions and whether we celebrate them or not; they are certainly worthwhile learning about.  In fact, they each celebrate an important aspect of the Christmas story at home.

I would like to invite you into the living room of Christian folks from France, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain.  Our first visit leads us to the Loire Valley, France . . .

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