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Resources for Pentecost +3
St. Thomas Day - St. Thomas, the Doubter

"No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God."

Luke 9:62 


Scripture Lessons:

2Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20
Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Luke 9:51-62




Prayer of Discipleship

God of Love and Grace, you have called us into radical discipleship in the name of your son Jesus.  To you alone belong all of our heart and our devotion. You freed us from the burden of sin and by your Spirit enabled us to serve you and our neighbor. Help us, we pray, to continue in our commitment to you.  Empower us to always seek your Kingdom first.

Teach us to pray for our brothers and sisters aright; that we be so consumed in love for them that we may feel their needs as much as our own. Enable us to give as freely as we have received from you so that the name of our Lord Jesus be glorified.   Amen.


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Children's Messages




Sermon Excerpt:

No Turning Back
a sermon based on Luke 9:57-62
by Rev. Randy L Quinn

I don’t know about you, but I find these words of Jesus a little hard to hear.

·        What’s wrong with going to a funeral before you take off and follow Jesus (Lk 9:59)?

·        What harm is there in saying farewell to your family before leaving on an adventure that may keep you from ever seeing them again (Lk 9:61)?

·        Doesn’t the Bible say to “honor your mother and father” (Ex 20:12)?

Should Scarlet O’Hara be condemned for standing and taking one last look at the remnants of the dream called “Tara”?

Is it a sin to encourage sailors to carry a picture of loved ones with them when they go to sea?

I understand that there will be hardships out there.  I know there are no guarantees of a warm bed, a soft pillow, and a cup of coffee in the morning (Lk 9:58).  But that seems to be all the more reason for saying good-bye.  There are no guarantees for tomorrow.

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