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    1st Sunday after Christmas


Texts & Discussions:
1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26
Psalm 148
Colossians 3:12-17
Luke 2:41-52



Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Let us remember Jesus:
Who, though he was rich, yet for our sakes became poor and dwelt among us. Who was content to be subject to his parents, the child of a poor couple's home.

Who believed in people and never despaired of them.  Who, through all disappointment never lost heart.  Who disregarded his own comfort and convenience and thought first of others' needs.

Let us unite in prayer that Christ may come to dwell in our hearts:

O Christ, our Savior, so come to dwell in us that we may go forth with the light of your hope in our eyes, and with your faith and love in our hearts.  Make us and mold us in your own image, precious Lord and Potter of our lives.  Amen.


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Children's Messages

Sermon Excerpt

No Longer a Baby
based on Luke 2:41-52
Rev. Randy Quinn

It was the week after Christmas when he came to visit me in my office.  I don’t remember his name, but I remember who he was.  His mother was active in the church I was serving, and he had come home for Christmas to visit.

What brought him to my office was an almost vicious attack on my preaching.  He was adamant that I was leading the church astray.  (More important to him was his mother, I realize in hindsight, but he never said that.)

In particular, he was concerned because I said – or had implied – that Jesus came as a baby to save us.  He knew Jesus saved us on the cross, not in the manger; he was afraid that what I had said the Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve was misleading and flat out wrong.

His visit and his voice still echo in my mind 20 some years later.  It echoes in my mind because in many ways he is right.  Jesus was born in a manger and was given a name that means “God saves us” (Mt. 1:21); but it was his death and resurrection that brought us salvation.  And yet some people would prefer to spend the rest of their lives celebrating Christmas, singing the carols that we all love so well, and avoiding the tragic tale of the passion because of its violent nature.

He was right to be concerned because some people only want to hear about the precious baby Jesus.

In other ways, though, his concern misses the point of the Christmas story.  God came to us in human form; God came as a vulnerable baby; God took a great risk by coming to us in the manger.  There is an important part of the gospel that Christmas helps us know.....subscribers click here for the full manuscript


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