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Resources for Pentecost +12
St. Thomas Day - St. Thomas, the Doubter

 But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the  crippled, the lame, and the blind. And you will be blessed

Luke 14:13     

Scripture Lessons:

   Jeremiah 2:4-13
Psalm 81:1,10-16
Hebrews 13:1-8,15-16
Luke 14:1,7-14



Call to Worship: (Read Responsively)
by pulpitt in nd

Guests, angels, visitors and friends...
Jesus tells a parable about class or the lack of it.
Guests come, some have been invited, and some have wandered in,
Still others wonder what it’s all about here.
Confused yet certain that our invitation is valid;
We come to worship full of grace and truth.

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Children's Messages



Sermon Excerpt:

">Best Seat in the House
 Luke 14:1,7-14
by Rev. Kerstin Barnes

It happened a couple of years ago. I was interning in San Francisco and was tagged along to many events and occasions by my supervisor. One of these events was an upscale wedding rehearsal for a bi-national couple; he was from the U.S., she was from Germany. It was a beautiful rehearsal, and afterwards, the party of approximately 30 people headed for a really nice restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner.

We were led to a separate room for special occasions. There were three big, round tables to accommodate us. First we were served drinks and just stood around, socializing. Then it was time to sit down, and boy, did I wish we had had a rehearsal for that procedure as well! The big question was: who is sitting where?

Bride and groom, of course, sat at the center table. I, of course, as an outsider who had graciously been admitted to join the party, squeezed myself into a corner spot. The parents of the groom took their seats next to their son. The seats filled up quickly, and all of a sudden, the parents of the bride sat down next to me, in the corner, and looked somewhat confused. The bride’s mother looked over to the table where her daughter sat, and said, "Well, all seats are already taken over there." She sounded sad. She continued to stare at her daughter, who was engaged in lively conversation. Then she said, "We should sit over there. I mean, the groom’s parents are sitting there, after all."

Don’t you think the bride’s mother has a point? Wouldn’t that be a classic question for "Dear Abby"? Shouldn’t the parents of the bride be sitting at their daughter’s table, especially since the groom’s parents took a seat next to their son? ...

Well, it seems that some of the guests of that wedding rehearsal party did not listen to the message of today’s Gospel. Jesus clearly says: When you are invited, go and sit down at the lowest place...Subscribers: click here for the full sermon and more


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