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Transfiguration Sunday

Texts & Discussion:

Exodus 24:12-18
Psalm 2 or
Psalm 99
2 Peter 1:16-21
Matthew 17:1-9


This Week's Themes:

God's Holy Presence
Transfiguration Experiences
Christ the Revelation of God


 9th Sunday after


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Children's Messages:


Smiley Faces
mainly based on Exodus 34:29-35
by Rev. Frank Schaefer

Props:  piece of paper on a sturdy piece of cardboard or a clipboard and a marker

    Good morning my dear little friends.  Today, I want to share my great artistic gift with you.  I'm going to draw something on this canvas (piece of paper) and then we'll see if you can tell me what it is.  (Draw a simple smiley face).

    Well, what is it?  That's right, it's a smiley face.   What does it make you feel when you look at it?  (happy? giddy? smile right back?...)  That's good, isn't it?  It doesn't seem to take much to make you guys happy.  When you see someone smiling at you in real life, like in Sunday School or on the play ground, how does that make you feel? (demonstrate by smiling at them).

     Why do we smile?  (if they don't answer ask: when we win in a softball/soccer game?  How about when someone gives us a present?...)

     Did you ever go to school with that big smile on your face after something nice happened to you and people asked you: "what are you smiling about?"

     Well that happened to Moses, too.  Moses came down from the mountain and he was all smiles--his face looked just like this smiley face I think.  And you know why?  Because he had a meeting with God on the mountain. 


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This Week's Featured Sermon:

  • On the Mountain Top, Matthew 17:1-9 & Exodus 24:12-18
    by Rev. Richard Gehring
          (see excerpt below)

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On the Mountain Top
a sermon based on Matthew 17:1-9 & Exodus 24:12-18
by Rev. Richard Gehring

            As a child growing up on the plains of Kansas, I had relatively little experience in the mountains.  About every other year or so, my family would take a vacation where we would spend a few days in the Colorado Rockies or the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas.  Then, when I was in high school, I spent some time at a church camp in the Rocky Mountains.  Each afternoon during the week-long camp sessions, we spent time mountain climbing.  Each day the hikes grew longer and a bit more difficult until Friday when we spent the entire day hiking up a 12,000 foot peak known as "The Sentinel."

            During those times in the mountains, I saw and experienced things I never would have in Kansas.  I drank cold water from clear mountain lakes and streams.  I walked through snow in the middle of July.  I stood on high peaks and looked out over miles and miles of tree-covered rolling hills, grassy valley meadows and rugged outcroppings of rocks.  Those were special times for me—those "mountain top" experiences.

            In our scripture passages for today, we read about probably the two greatest figures in the Bible, Moses and Jesus, as each of them had their own "mountain top" experiences.  We begin in Exodus with Moses being called to go up to Mount Sinai to meet with God.  This is the same mountain where Moses had earlier encountered the Lord in the burning bush.  At that time, God had called him to go to Egypt and lead the people of Israel out of  slavery.  Moses had been faithful to that call and now was called back to Sinai to hear from God once again. . . .

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