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2nd Sunday after Epiphany
with resources for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Remembrance

Texts & Discussion:
Isaiah 49:1-7
Psalm 40:1-11
1 Corinthians 1:1-9
John 1:29-42


This Week's Themes:
Elected &  Called by God
Revelation of Christ
God's Call to Service
Martin Luther King


2nd Sunday after

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Featured Sermons of the Week:

Martin Luther King Remembrance:

The Man in the Camel Skin, John 1:29-42
by Dr. David Rogne   

DPS Resources for and Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Notes on Wine Tasting, a sermon for Martin Luther King Jr,  

Children's Sermons:

Hide And Seek, John 1:29-42
by Rev. Randy Quinn

God Chooses Us First, Isaiah 49, by F. Schaefer
God Knows Your Name, Jeremiah 1:4-10, by Frank Schaefer
Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth? Martin Luther King Day
children's sermon, by Janet in MD
God Can Use You Too, Martin Luther King Day
by Rev. Randy L Quinn


Sermon Excerpt:

Our Higher Purpose in Life
based on John 1:29-42
by Frank Schaefer

When I first read through today's Gospel lesson I was thinking: Oh my Gosh, this is my calling story all over again—except I'm not Jesus and I wasn't called to be the Messiah =). Let me explain: It happened about 25 years ago, when the senior pastor of the church I attended, asked me if he could talk to me in his office.

I wasn't sure what this was about and was surprised when he said: “I see something in you; I think God is calling you to be a minister.” I wasn't so sure about that calling at first, but as it turns out he was right. It's remarkable that another person saw God's calling on my life before I myself perceived it.

I wonder if that was the same for Jesus. When two disciples of John the Baptist started to follow Jesus around, it says in Verse 38 that Jesus “turned and saw them following, he said to them, "What are you looking for?" Is it possible that Jesus was just then fully realizing his calling as teacher, rabbi and Messiah?

Whether or not this was the case, the significant point is that Jesus' baptism certainly began a time of transformation in his life. God called him to a life devoted to ministry. I can imagine how the affirmations from John the Baptist were very important in this transformational phase. We know one thing for sure, Jesus gained his first disciples through John's proclamations.

Have you ever experienced affirmations from others at times in your life when you faced a transformation? And we all face those transformational times, don't we? Whether it's the beginning of a new relationship, a new job or career, starting a new family or dealing with a tragedy. Looking back over my life, I certainly found that God seemed to provide affirmations from others along my journey, Pastor Hodges wasn't the only voice in the wilderness for me.

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Prayer by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Everlasting God, you gave us the faith of Christ for a light to our feet amid the darkness of this world. Grant us grace to fulfill and mercy when we fail these words of our brother in Christ, Martin Luther King, which we lift to you in prayer:

"If I can help somebody as I pass along;

If I can cheer somebody with a word or song;

If I can show somebody he’s traveling wrong;

then my living will not be in vain.

If I can do my duty as a Christian ought;

If I can bring salvation to a world once wrought;

If I can spread the message as the Master taught;

then my living will not be in vain.

Yes, Jesus, I want to be on your right or your left side, not for any selfish reason. I want to be on your right or your left side, not in terms of some political kingdom or ambition. But I just want to be there in love and in justice and in truth and in commitment to others, so that we can make of this old world a new world." Amen.


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